Date Season
Away Team Home Team Field Time Score
Bethany 1 Bethlehem BA1 5:45 PM
Bethlehem Bethany 1 BA1 7:00 PM
Evangel Bethany 2 BA2 5:45 PM
Bethany 2 Evangel BA2 7:00 PM
Trinity Christ Presbyterian BP3 5:45 PM
Christ Presbyterian Trinity BP3 7:00 PM
Church in the Acres Christ Life Fellowship CIA 5:45 PM
Christ Life Fellowship Church in the Acres CIA 7:00 PM
Church of Christ First Baptist LP 5:45 PM
First Baptist Church of Christ LP 7:00 PM
Christ Community Church City Church MR4 5:45 PM
City Church Christ Community Church MR4 7:00 PM
Faith Baptist Hope Community RV1 5:45 PM
Hope Community Faith Baptist RV1 7:00 PM
Redemption First Central SZ1 5:45 PM
First Central Redemption SZ1 7:00 PM
Life Point Son Life VH3 5:45 PM
Son Life Life Point VH3 7:00 PM
Redeeming the Time Foster Memorial VH4 5:45 PM
Foster Memorial Redeeming the Time VH4 7:00 PM